Our Process

Every Step of the Way

At Bruns General Contracting, we have developed a robust process that is sure to leave you feeling confident and well-taken care of throughout your building experience. Join us as we guide you through all aspects of the planning, designing, and executing for your desired build!

  • PLAN

    We'll guide you through the preliminary planning of site evaluation/selection, budgeting, and permitting/pre-construction code review.


    We have a skilled team who specialize in structural engineering as well as architectural and landscape design.


    Our expertise is grounded in construction, process-flow restructuring, office build-outs, build-to-suit for lease, and more.


    You can be confident in our 24/7 response, weekly updates of project progress, and our unique 5 year warranty.

Ready to Start Building with Bruns?

Illustration of construction site with a cityscape