Healthcare facilities require special attention to detail. Bruns General Contracting meets those requirements with a personalized, professional staff that can help guide you through processes such as master planning, site or space selection, design, construction, maintenance and lease negotiations. We strive to exceed your expectations on every level whether you are looking for a new space fit up, renovation, new ground-up construction or addition for any range of facility types including hospitals, health clinics, long term care facilities, and private practices. Bruns General Contracting’s combination of high quality service, wide range of expertise, and exclusive 5-year warranty makes us a leader in the industry!

Healthcare Services:
• Master Planning –
We can help you include any project(s) into your company’s long or short term business plans.
• Site or Space Selection – Bruns can help you find a location that is perfect for your company.
• Design/Build – A comprehensive approach that allows your company to interact with Bruns’ engineers, designers, and project managers from a project’s conceptual stage all the way to owner occupancy, which helps your company directly control quality, cost, and timing of a project.
• Design – Our staff of professionals can help you in the areas of architectural design, interior design, site layout, and landscape design.
• Sustainable Design – With on staff LEED professionals, we can design a facility that is relatively inexpensive to operate. We’ll prove it with our energy model!
• Construction – Bruns can provide construction services for anything from renovations and upgrades, to new ground-up facilities and additions.
• Maintenance – Our Small Projects Division can help keep your facility in tip-top condition.
• Lease Negotiations – We can determine real market lease rates for comparable spaces and negotiate on your behalf.
• Build Lease – Don’t want to take on the financial responsibility of building your own facility? We can build it to suit your needs and lease it back to you.